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Copywriting and editing website content for Khoury College of Computer Sciences' rebranding and website launch


New student support pages: master's and Align bridge program pages

Financial support overview pages: Align bridge program, master's, PhD, undergraduate, certificate

Scholarships and funding opportunities landing page

Landing pages for 15+ undergraduate programs, including: CS/Media Arts, DS/Environmental Science, DS/Mathematics

Editing consistency and style for 100+ faculty and researcher bio pages, example: Kylie Ariel Bemis

March-May 2020

Copyediting and rewriting research descriptions and award summaries for Khoury College of Computer Sciences


Khoury COVID-19 research projects

April-May 2020

Structural and line editing for Khoury College of Computer Sciences news articles


PhD candidate Herman Saksono empowers people with data

Across the globe, Hubspot helps businesses — and Khoury co-ops — grow

Team culture at VMware entices co-ops to go full-time after graduation

Black History Month celebration features panel of computer scientists

January-June 2020

Editing and fact-checking for Khoury College of Computer Sciences commencement program brochure

March 2020

Fact-checking all published articles and newsletter content at Ensia Magazine


Can we prepare for climate impacts without creating financial chaos?

The term resilience is everywhere — but what does it really mean?

Nuclear power offers an abundant supply of low-carbon energy. But what to do with the deadly radioactive waste?

Ancient Amazonian societies managed the forest intensively but sustainably — here's what we can learn from them

May-August 2019

Line editing the interdisciplinary MIT report on nuclear energy

The Future of Nuclear Energy in A Carbon-Constrained World

August 2018

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