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My name is Hannah (she/her/hers) and I'm a writer, graphic designer, digital content strategist and project manager with interests in climate and conservation science, global environmental governance and environmental justice issues.

I'm currently working at the Earth Journalism Network, a project of Internews that seeks to empower and enable journalists around the world to cover the environment more effectively. Here's some of the things I do there:

  • Collaborate with a team of social media staffers and oversee social media strategy, analytics and daily content

  • Ideate and produce written tip sheets and guides for journalists on covering environmental issues, such as illegal fishing

  • Organize workshops, webinars and other training events for journalists worldwide

  • Manage several global projects on a variety of topics, including Indigenous rights, coastal resilience and fisheries subsidies

  • Lead judging panels for EJN's individual and organizational grant programs

  • Prepare reports, contracts and other administrative paperwork related to our programs

  • Serve as a committee member for Internews' Belonging, Dignity and Justice initiatives to decolonize our work culture


Before EJN, I worked on social media strategy at Boston nonprofit Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and MIT's Energy Initiative. I've worked as both a freelance journalist and academic science writer, with bylines in The GroundTruth Project, New Voices Magazine, The Forward, Ensia Magazine and others. 

Outside of work, I love hiking, painting, reading science fiction and magical realism and doing puzzles of all kinds. I'm originally from Minnesota, but now I live in Orlando, Florida with my partner and our cats, Macey and Mango. 

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